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One of my favorite accounts to follow on instagram is NYC based florist, Lewis Miller. He puts together beautiful floral arrangements with a great sense of style and eye — but mostly, I love him for his flower flashes he creates in the city. Initially, Lewis started these flashes as an experiment to reconnect himself with the craft, but then quickly saw the beautiful shared experience with New Yorkers and what joy and beauty it brought to everyone. So they became his gift to New Yorkers — with his goal to create “a positive, emotional response through flowers, and that seeing people’s reactions to the flashes emphasizes the basic goodness in all people and prioritizes compassion.”


Yesterday, I saw on my insta feed, that he had done his first 2021 installation at Hudson Yards. So, immediately, ran down there to see it. He wrote that he wanted something fun and playful for the kids of the city — and that it is. Different, fun, and beautiful.

Over the years, every time he posts a flash, I run to the site to look at them. They are always different and oh so beautiful. And it is true — it brings such joy and beauty for EVERYONE to enjoy. They are pure magic. The installations last only a couple of hours, with most people taking photos and then grabbing a flower off the arrangement. Even if it just is a minute of looking, I love the creativity, and beauty he brings to the streets of New York.


Some of his work.


I love when they are in the garbage cans — a yin yang juxtaposition.



So if you are in the city and need a pick me up, go see Lewis Miller Design Flower Flashes whenever he does them. He is so talented and it truly is the best gift to New Yorkers and our city. It is really the small things that make the difference. To read more about him, go here and here and follow him on instagram here. Happy Friday!

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