Zesty Z Popcorn

I am a grazer and am constantly snacking and eat nonstop. My new favorite go-to snack is Zesty Z popcorn. It is flavored popcorn with the perfect amount of flavor and zest. Kind of like a healthy cheeto, but not cheese…but once you start, you cannot stop!


Big bag! Big flavor! It is air-popped Mediterranean Popcorn and comes in three different flavors — my favorite being thyme and herbs.  The popcorn has 47 calories per cup, 1g sugar, 2g of protein, and is both gluten free and Non-GMO. So it’s a healthy option for snacking and tastes delicious too!

Check out the spices!

I had to refill this bowl 5 times.

Zesty Z

Close up shot.

For you New Yorkers — they sell it on Fresh Direct, making it super easy to purchase. YUM!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. My current popcorn obsession is Lesser Evil’s Buddha Bowl Organic Himalayan Pink Popcorn…. but this Zesty popcorn might just be my next one.

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