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Last week, I had a hard time communicating with my 6 year old son about good behavior and his treatment towards me and friends, post-school. During school, Cruz is an angel (so I’m told); incredibly well behaved, sweet, loving, empathetic, and caring. But the moment I pick him up – whether it is due to exhaustion, the pressures of school, or the fact that he doesn’t eat much lunch  – he often crashes and throws a fit with me. Not only is it trying for me, but I find it difficult to communicate with him about how he should act. So, last week in NYC when the rain was out of control, I found myself seeking solace in a bookstore, searching for new books. And there it was, “How to Be; Six Simple Rules for Being The Best Kid You Can Be”


Bright, red, flashy. HELLO book of all books.

Bright, red, flashy. HELLO book of all books.

The six rules.

The six rules. The first time I read the book, unsolicited, Cruzzie suddenly looked at me and said “Mama, I need to work on #4 and #5.” The descriptions are so clear and articulate, and started conversations between us that I am not sure I would have been able to have without it.

Clear vision.

Clear vision. A great way to communicate with children in a fun, non judgmental way.

An example of the wording.

An example of the wording. I love it.

Thank you.

Thank you, Munro Leaf. These are old-school-lessons in a cool, hip, relevant, and modern version.

A great addition to our bookshelves.

A great addition to our bookshelves.


I highly suggest this book to open the dialogue with your child. And there are more! He also wrote: How to Behave and Why, and How to Speak Politely and Why. As many of you know, I love self help books for children, and this is a great addition to our collection.

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