Not sure if it is because of my hippy dippy background, but I love crystals. I love wearing crystal necklaces, carrying crystals in my pocket, and ESPECIALLY admiring the rose quartz lamp in my in-laws’ New York apartment. This lamp is my DREAM. Check out its beauty form every angle! HOLY SMOKES it is a beauty.






Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.26.42 AM

Watch out!

Watch out!

Different angle.

Different angle


More. The healing powers of one of those chunks of crystals could cure a village . With all of them together, you know that there is good chi in the house!

Since this lamp is not a reality (too $$), I recently settled on buying a crystal candle holder. I know, not the same, but a girl can always pretend. That said, I am very happy with this little crystal on our dining room table. For whatever reason, the colors, the sparkle, the energy of the crystals make me smile.

My version.

My version



Candle votive.

Candle votive

Other angle.

Other angle

I purchased it from Leif, an online store, but is currently unavailable. Similar candle holders can be found here or here. I kind of want these crystal candle holders ALL OVER the apartment, and maybe someday they will create my inlaw’s heavenly lamp….Have a terrific week. Spring is here!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • HAHAHA, they are beautiful. But nothing will be as gorgeous as the crystal lamp!

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