Currently Loving September 2021

Here we are in mid September and here is what I am currently loving!


1. Harriman State Park


Last week, we had a day off from school and a parent organized a hike to Harriman State Park — which is about an hour away from NYC. It was a great day filled with beautiful nature. It made me miss the ease of Oregon nature and hikes, but I am thankful to have been introduced to Harriman State Park and can’t wait to return.


2. Dahlias

Back in the city, and back to my Monday morning runs to the Flower District. I love peonies in May and dahlias in September — they are so beautiful and unique. It’s the small things, right?


3. Vertly CBD Relief Lotion


We are on the tail end of marathon training season (the marathon is right around the corner) and I have truly loved using this lotion on my tired and sore legs. It smells almost as good as it feels.


4. Environmentally Friendly Counter Spray


OMG my sister from another mister gave me this countertop spray and it is my favorite thing in the world. It smells INCREDIBLE and makes you just want to clean everything.


5.  Random Signs in City


How can you not love NYC and all the random signs on lamp posts????


6. Babe Bubbly Drink


Bubbles in a can that says Babe? Yes please. This one is great and my favorite — and reminds me of the Boston Marathon years ago when I drank this on the drive home…..


7. Sharon Stone in Natori at the Met Gala


Sharon Stone in a Natori bra getting dressed for the Met Gala! I want to love this a million times over and over!


8. Le Botaniste Bowl


A block away from my house and my go to place for a healthy and quick meal. A vegan restaurant and everything in there is so delicious.


9. Happy Key Chain


Positivity FTW! I love this and a good reminder.


10. Ralph’s Coffee Trucks in City


Everything that Ralph’s Coffee does is perfection — the cookies, the sandwiches, the coffee. Most days, I go grab a ham and cheese baguette from Ralph’s and I was happy to find the truck on my walk down 5th Avenue at Rockefeller Center.


There you have it, my list of 10 things I am loving this month — surprisingly easy to write down this month! Please share what you are loving — I always love getting emails and texts from friends telling me their new finds, discoveries, or simple pleasures.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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