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For whatever reason, my body always feels sore. Maybe it is because I am getting older…..or maybe it’s because I run marathons…. but my body more frequently has aches and pains. I have used a variety of remedies:  epsom salt baths, resting and massage, tiger balm etc….but I have finally found my go-to cure in this healing lotion.


A mixture of ingredients

A mixture of ingredients in the extra strength reliving body spray.

HOLY COW THE POWER OF THE POT! No, not smoking marijuana, but a lotion with cannabis in it — you don’t get high and it is 100% legal — and it works!


List of ingredients. Totally legal.

List of ingredients. Totally legal.


The mixture of cannibis, peppermint, arnica, and the juniper treats your aches and pains and just works.  It makes your soreness tingle, and eases the pain. I highly recommend for any athlete.


Close up

Close up


To order, go here. Have a good week!  Off to Oregon for the summer tomorrow..

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Just what I need after a weekend of surfing and hiking! Thanks for the post, Anika! I really need this. #sorenessislife

  2. Woah! This is amazing! The magic of cannabis and natural ingredients, I can wait to spend some serious $$$ on it. Quick question, how was your experience using this? Did you feel relief right away and could you actually move your legs without wincing after leg day? My workouts are intense and I tend to spend hours on specific body parts so the day after I can’t even move as fluidly. Do you recommend using this after a workout or once the intense soreness starts to kick it? Thanks, Anika!

  3. After 2 days of running around Sesame Place with the twin monsters..i think I need to smoke some….i mean spray some cannabis infused healing spray!!!

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