Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! What better way to celebrate the 4th in Oregon than by getting tie-dyes for the kids!


Big Brother Cruzzie kissing Little Sister Zoe. Dressed in tie-dye, OBVIOUSLY.


The 4th of July colors are red-white-blue, but I am definitely a huge fan of rainbows! Nothing more patriotic than a slew of colors all together!


Tie Dye dress on baby Zoe. DONE AND DONE. Who wants this as a hand-me down?

Enjoy your day celebrating! I am running in a 10K, the Butte to Butte, and will be enjoying the day with family. Although we will miss one special guy, Mister Papa Ken, who is back in New York. Happy 4th! Until Friday….

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • Thanks! The run was super fun, despite me being slower and bigger than normal!

  1. The tie dye shirt and dress are bright and colorful–bring back the 60’s. Enjoy the electric colors, Maxine

  2. They are SOOO cute!! Zoe got so big compared to the pictures in your earlier posts!

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