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Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar.

He suddenly stood up and hugged gu can you eat dates with gestational diabetes pingsheng fiercely the man bit his cheek and said I thought you even abandoned me the force of rushing into his arms was so huge xing ye.

Obsessed with their eyes when looking at gu pingsheng s camera as soon as he said that someone immediately refuted how do you know that gu .

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes, pumpkin and diabetes High Blood Sugar Normal Blood Sugar. pingsheng is not around is there.

Mo the precious thing is not the video itself but the person in the video but whether it is the large number of points rewards that the legend may get or the countless rare.

Yanqing the distance of a few hundred miles is just a number to him but the time for him to arrive at the gate of the order guild is still a little slow the delay is only.

The sharp claws stretch out as if they pumpkin and diabetes can tear everything pumpkin and diabetes to pieces and the continuous howling sounds are loud creepy because of the small accident just now some players.

Just a pity that I couldn t invite the guests to join the current raw food banquet the girl covered her mouth and does diabetes affect your fingernails smiled her palms couldn unsuitable exercises for type 2 diabetes t cover her cracked lips she raised.

Hugged gu pingsheng then they pumpkin and diabetes sat together on the chairs on the garden pavilion looking at the astrolabe on the stone platform above the astrolabe there was a picture in a.

Books the silent teacher covered his forehead and the blood dripped down can diabetes affect your kidneys his fingers I don t know if it was hit by something or if the door accidentally bumped into a hard.

Cloaked man walked to the front row of the what does diabetes cause spectator seat and smiled at a player excuse me can I sit next to you when he was overwhelmed he met those eyes that looked like.

Indifferent until all the golden rays of light were withdrawn the sea monster returned to its original appearance this is a small spear toothed .

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pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. fish with sharp teeth.

Hand and the whine of the black cat lingered in his ears and he had no idea what to do naidi wanted to laugh but in the end she barely evoked a bitter arc silly cat after.

In the hands of the many melon eating spectators fell directly to the ground stunned fuck it s impossible who has such a great ability to kill the vice president of the.

There is no mercy there is only the brutal instinct of predators and the greed to keep eating but .

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. even the largest and most powerful monster in this flat layer emits a.

Wound on his face scavenger of course the victim has no interest in self abuse and leaves his seriously injured type 2 diabetes and eggs face without treatment gu pingsheng s surprised expression.

Their faces gu pingsheng also smiled helplessly okay as soon as can swollen ankles be a sign of diabetes the words fell gu pingsheng s soul .

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pumpkin and diabetes
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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms pumpkin and diabetes How To Lower Blood Sugar, can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes. began to rise he didn t change their minds needlessly if nothing else in.

Grabbed the leg of his trousers afraid of disturbing the woman outside the door xing ye lowered his voice and said quickly with a straight face I don t care who you are i.

A little worried I am worried that after you die even your soul will be wiped out the hatred you have played with is one after another and there is no object to retaliate.

Breathe the pumpkin and diabetes strength of his body was still there and he was not crushed by the sea and fell to the deep seabed like ordinary dead flesh the scavenger just died even if the.

His hand seeing that the jointed palm was getting closer and closer to him xing qiming s pupils trembled non stop until gu pingsheng s hand going around his face he grabbed.

His memory is not only the pain of the past but also the skills he has does diabetes affect getting pregnant cultivated in the crises and xing qiming alone can t avoid the fierce killing move gu pingsheng.

Affiliated middle schools all of which need manpower to manage and maintain gu pingsheng saw after tao jun s hesitation he paused smiled and stretched out his little finger.

However at this moment the middle aged man on the sofa picked up the remote control of the tv I don t know what key he pressed suddenly .

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pumpkin and diabetes
Can Capillary Damage Caused By Diabetes Be Reversed ?pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar.
Can Diabetic Neuropathy Be Foot And Calf ?pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar.
What Can Cause Diabetes Type 2 ?Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar.
What Type Of Candy Can Diabetics Eat ?Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes, pumpkin and diabetes High Blood Sugar Normal Blood Sugar.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes, pumpkin and diabetes High Blood Sugar Normal Blood Sugar. a light rain started to fall in the.

Revealed obvious panic gu pingsheng s tone became darker desperate girl not eating or drinking but aroused the .

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pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. eccentricity of those evil monsters that were even more.

Young man had grown into the appearance of a jade tree facing the wind and said with emotion and relief again I ve grown a lot taller the teen s hair spun against gu.

Other who always remembers the other party s preferences there are many possibilities but seeing qi yanqing in prison in front of ye who never opened his mouth thinking of.

The pillar blocked by can a person with diabetes eat oatmeal the rockery looking like a hooligan seeing that xingye noticed him he raised the corner of his lips slightly towards xingye and pointed two fingers to.

Relationship between barson and pumpkin and diabetes johnny gu pingsheng found no sign of a grudge between them since it is not a personal grudge it is a matter of interest gu pingsheng sank.

Visibility is too low I can t see your face xing ye gave gu pingsheng a deep look he pumpkin and diabetes put his cold palms over gu pingsheng s eyes and gu pingsheng seemed to feel the sticky.

Zhang xun with gu pingsheng s warning just now no one will come to trouble them again in a short time it s just that their whereabouts have been exposed and it would be.

Introduction on the fourth page when he felt the strength of the traction rope and lifted it up head in less than a second gu pingsheng quickly turned his head run go down.

Into contact pumpkin and diabetes with his eyes their hearts instantly became sour and bitter full of bitterness as long as it is everyone who understands zhang xun knows that it is harder to.

Still offline at the same time so he must have done it they were What Causes Diabetes pumpkin and diabetes so right although there is one more pumpkin and diabetes person on this side of the gold explorer there is a slight advantage but.

Unfortunately your death knell will also be sounded by him we put constant energy into the world which is controlled and distributed by the system players will absorb a lot.

Him tenderly following the words you have always been hate this place but feel like I have nothing to do with it so I haven t been cruel to it and neither do I the garden.

Information now the team members managed to slow down and the whole figure seemed to have lost half of his life and collapsed on the ground he stared at gu pingsheng s wide.

Brilliant blue data flow crisscrossing but there was no delay he came to a conclusion and said in a low voice it seems that your core has not been perfected and it cannot.

As possible gu pingsheng suddenly put away Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes the diary in his hand he sniffed the pumpkin and diabetes faint diabetes dogs treatment smell of blood in the air raised his eyebrows and looked at a certain place not far.

Items pumpkin and diabetes or even a chance to survive are far less meaningful than gu pingsheng jin mo watched the video over and over many times and gradually settled on one point he saw a.

Your mother is really good I will send you here now do you want me to die so that you can inherit the company the man wore a custom made high end suit and the handsome long.

His eyes making those eyes clear and clean gu pingsheng does not have any musical skills but he can hear whether the music is good or not and can see whether the audience.

Players who are thinking of evading fares the rookie pumpkin and diabetes player subconsciously clenched the ticket in his hand when the people around him were almost inside he immediately.

Other side wu hongyan who gave feedback from the tribe was stunned for a moment and his expression immediately became a lot more serious even if he is the vice president of.

Long as it is there are no exceptions for people who are infected and they can t die even those lunatics in the research institute don t dare to mess with it what can I do.

Gu pingsheng raised his vacant eyes and is hummus good for diabetes looked at him his hands were shaking no matter how hard he tried to calm himself his hands were shaking gu pingsheng violently.

Sound he failed to pounce on anyone and immediately turned his head back fiercely and wu hongyan s big eyes met pumpkin and diabetes Low Blood Sugar his small eyes grass was overcast looking at the sailor who.

Course the more people the better but with the character of a scavenger he can t help you at all wu hongyan has never seen such a person who dares to play with fire and his.

As if to prove it with his own actions he has the strength but he chose to give up this game because he disdains such a champion from point to point and then to the entire.

Tang family coupled with the fact that he didn t leave the scene at the time it s strange that everyone would associate the two unless it was influenced by xing ye the.

Even more astonished after the appraisal result came out he immediately widened his eyes fuck you little brother you sell this prop not for sale you must sell it to me how.

That the scavengers could not compete with him in the past it can be easily deduced if the scavengers can have a good relationship with him during zhang xun s time they.

You don t seem to be worried can skinny people have diabetes at all gu pingsheng knew that he was pointing at what no matter who after hearing johnny s vague words I am afraid that this person will be.

Tilted to a corner without turning it over pumpkin and diabetes before he opened it the suction from the bottom suddenly became larger just like the monstrous beast opened its bloody mouth and.

People rentou sneered and said nothing if you often do unkind things there will always be misfortune gu pingsheng sighed in an inexplicable tone dream in the middle of the.

Fifteen years old anyway and had a certain ability to act those in the xing family are greedy for profit to fool him he would at most be harsh on the other party in terms.

Careful with light be careful with big belly gu pingsheng suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis he turned his head abruptly and saw countless pairs of green eyes suddenly.

Popular guild to watch the battle and the others came to the spectator seat of the alliance party one after another as soon as they entered the venue they heard other people.

He faced the scavenger but did not speak to him and asked calmly how long are you going to watch as his voice spread through the sea a yellow film suddenly oozes out from.

Some people have naked eyes in their eyes the fear of seeing xing ye found out after inquiring that it was the tang family that .

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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms pumpkin and diabetes How To Lower Blood Sugar, can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes. was in big trouble most of the companies.

Nuannuan s surprised sight two fairy tale like legs suddenly grew from the bottom of the black box and jumped down from gu pingsheng s hands it galloped forward learned to.

For helping it but before it could repay its savior the savior died it was silent and silent and suddenly swung its tail fins instead of diving towards the sea cave below.

The most urgent task is to urge gu pingsheng to quickly absorb his own power xing ye and gu pingsheng who had been silent for a long time met his eyes stunned for a moment.

What he knew was that at night everyone would turn into monsters including the servants in the house and the bodyguards outside except him xing ye said half jokingly or.

Night this ship has the rest of the guests on board should not be much more it would be a pity for captain balsen if no one could see the scenery of the last day gu.

And xing qiming didn t q puede comer un diabetes tipo 2 know whether it was due to lack of combat power or some other reason and he was always worried about not fighting back seeing gu pingsheng s.

You have to die up to now qi yanqing still remembers the determination that he had to do it can urine detect diabetes even though his heart was broken feel sorry sowhy doesn t he regret it gu.

Everywhere the men s faces are unshaven the women s hair is disheveled and none of them seem to be in a normal state of mind only the man in front of them looked better.

Heartbeat go down gu pingsheng was able to pumpkin and diabetes catch his breath looking at xingye who was still sleeping he subconsciously tucked the boy into the quilt and walked slowly into.

Fingertips when the ban is broken su mengyu opened What Causes Diabetes pumpkin and diabetes the door and walked in there are many bookshelves in this dark room and the photo stones of different sizes are displayed.

Tentacles obeyed his orders and attacked the scavengers like stabs everywhere and the surrounding posture matched gu pingsheng s clenched fists the scavengers.

Strength to appease it no matter how angry the whale was his voice was always decisive and gentle that s not a power you can bear gu pingsheng said let go as the lost and.

He is a man anyway how can he show his fear squatting his neck with indifference a posture of refusing to cooperate gu pingsheng glanced at him quietly and gatorade and diabetes stretched out.

Prefer this legendary ornamental animal what ornamental animals an pumpkin and diabetes Low Blood Sugar ornamental animal that can bite a person in half wu hongyan s mouth twitched fiercely after a while he.

Child which caused president are eggs good for you if you have diabetes xing to go Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes home and question him pumpkin and diabetes I heard that they have a child right at the scene dead or not not dead but seeing his parents kill each other.

Enter zhang xun was able to rescue other experimental objects because they were pumpkin and diabetes put into the dungeon and separated from the boundaries of the garden of eden the central.

When he entered the dungeon is his final form so he can you inherit diabetes from your parents can face it calmly when he sees a teenager turning into a young man until xingye began to have scars of different sizes.

Serpent the leviathan can be easily smashed into pieces and now at a glance the other does diabetes make you sleep party s words are not Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes exaggerated at all if wu hongyan wants to use slime to deal with.

Some students hold game consoles in their hands seeing gu pingsheng and the others returning their eyes lit up and they ran over to ask mr principal why are the previous.

Overjoyed when he heard this and turned around come and be amazed gu pingsheng said it s really you I thought you were pumpkin and diabetes joking gu pingsheng tilted his head xing ye let out a.

If his remaining strength is enough to support him to travel through time again the man smiled slightly maybe I can help you gu pingsheng raised his head suddenly frowned.

At him willingly charmaine burst out laughing it didn t take long for gan shiman to discover that her body began to become transparent after how can you cure diabetes a while gan shiman asked gu.

Pingsheng touched the small sapling in his jacket pocket from the palm of the hand came the slight itching that was gently scratched by the branches it was the small.

Very active and they seemed to be happy and finally found their home and the sea snakes who felt that the power was going does diabetes make you smell like alcohol to go became even more irritable it again he rushed.

Panic in his heart and looked carefully at the past that he realized that something was wrong it is not the sole of a person s foot that grabs the branch but the claws of a.

Who applied to go out is called cheng yansong he is best at doing one set in person and one behind the other he is respectful to the teachers on the surface but privately.

Whether he would go is erectile dysfunction related to diabetes berserk he said reservedly I try to control it gu pingsheng picked up the black cat dumpling and when he was about to go out he was cold suddenly had an.

At that moment the team on the stage was obviously chaotic it was also at that moment that gu pingsheng raised his voice at the right time don t panic you guys are dancing.

His head the tail s zhang xun and the other is the same mysterious talker zero the other six guilds Blood Sugar Monitor can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes basically have a god level player each and the other two are lone.

Either getting lost pumpkin and diabetes or in the process of getting lost enough to restrain the man s actions however after arriving at the place looking at the body lying on the spot waiting.

Of him and xingye it also occupies the main component but he doesn t get along with the little sapling much one is too busy and the other is too busy to have no time the.

Cheng yansong diabetes y carbohidratos who slandered the teacher behind his back not only had nothing to do but the teachers had to endure the anger and greet him if cheng yansong s complaint is.

Thigh at this moment gu pingsheng who was covered with a blanket drank tea and ate dessert and had a black cat on his lap seemed to own the whole world the confusion.

Abnormality occurred symptoms of pregnancy diabetes gu pingsheng was about to change his route and went to the side to check it out suddenly he heard something and looked sharply at a dark corner come out.

Tentacles and quickly crawled away after falling on the ground wu hongyan stared at the starfish group as the best meats for diabetes tide receded and turned to look at gu pingsheng who was.

Who was sober looked around the two of them didn t sleep but Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes just captain Josie Girl Blog pumpkin and diabetes barson who was still alive what should blood sugar be with type 2 diabetes lowered his skull head and his eyeballs hanging .

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pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. outside did not turn the.

Actually just bird feeds that he bought online gu pingsheng suddenly had a feeling sitting on a golden mountain without knowing the trance he didn t stay in a trance what types of diabetes are there for too.

Although it may not be useful to you it can add some insurance gu pingsheng didn t pick it up he frowned and said this pumpkin and diabetes knife is very valuable and two matching knives if one.

Concert hall was silent no other sound could be heard except the camera shutter the dark camera never landed on the center of the piano pool for a moment there was only one.

Are far away seeing the worried look of the young man gu pingsheng was stunned for a moment and quickly understood his mean he realized with hindsight that he hadn t laughed.

It s hard to stop that power from tossing and seeing that the situation is getting better this kind of bad thing happened as he spoke the middle aged man s vigor came up.

His small leather boots and ran to the piano competition gu pingsheng was stunned for a second then stood up subconsciously and quickly followed behind the child at that.

Formations and an empty and lonely sky wire looking up at the sky the dark clouds crowded together in layers and the scarlet thunder shuttled through the dark clouds now.

On the floor the sound was neither too light nor too heavy and the cold tone came out of his mouth with a chilling power I will destroy the leviathan if you don t want to.

Other tricks they can come up .

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. with there are .

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. piles of the same bones just now then he will definitely definitely crush all the bones so that this group diagnosis of type 2 diabetes of dead ghosts will.

Monument that combines the caves and bones although xingye was smiling but gu pingsheng couldn t smile at all he hadn t thought that it diabetes constant high blood sugar was an early warning dream for him.

That xingye didn t simply want to ignore him he hadn t seen qi yanqing for a long time the appearance of the other party had basically not does diabetes give you a headache changed but his temperament had.

While um why can t you seem to get up specter really can t get up its blue cheeks even he felt a little blush but he didn t let his body lift two centimeters from the.

That zhang xun is a very special existence since qi yanqing s memory also went wrong it s hard to say whether other god level players could survive this gu pingsheng didn t.

Mean whale some people say that the sound of whales has a pumpkin and diabetes beauty that attracts people s spirits and it will bring people a long and far reaching feeling some people are.

A sullen look how has the killer guild ever suffered such humiliation the anger of being teased almost took over all of ren touman s sanity he left his teammates behind and.

Say it must be said that the little sapling helped him he suddenly remembered that as early as in the lunatic asylum small saplings could also to hide itself from being.

Hunger burned them like a fire their internal organs are so hungry that they scratch their lungs when they saw the tempting apple again they finally couldn t bear it anymore.

Only gu pingsheng looked the pumpkin and diabetes best I m pumpkin and diabetes going to be him that npc with good skills I knew yesterday that he was unusual so relaxed didn t he meet those starfish from last.

Eyes were sharp and he instantly saw leviathan who was caught by the tentacles the whale let out a sharp whimper opened its big mouth and savagely bit the tentacles that.

Instant the black behemoth seemed to understand something it seems to have suffered an invisible heavy blow it could have been able to hold up his body became unsteady and.

Eden that was constantly creating disasters a bitter mood time pumpkin and diabetes came to gu pingsheng s heart pumpkin and diabetes which made him a little sad and his eyes were also sour even if there was another.

State of the corpse wolf the state can a person without diabetes have low blood sugar of the corpse wolf is very wrong the black slime is stuck under its feet but it doesn t look at them that rotten his corpse trembled.

Met the boss I felt pumpkin and diabetes that you were not very happy since we have been together for so long unless necessary conflicts and disputes are resolved you will never participate in.

Only heard the name of the human headed skull bracelet but they didn t know how powerful it was they are all bright holy crap amazing is this an s class item the ghosts who.

Of the sea cave both of them turned serious faces at the same time led by corpse wolves they once again entered a deeper seabed according to the division of time this time.

Gu pingsheng pulled him away faster than he did years hugged .

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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms pumpkin and diabetes How To Lower Blood Sugar, can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes. unable to prevent being hugged by the princess and seeing gu pingsheng s long and narrow eyelashes so close xing.

Faced wu hongyan are you thinking I can leave .

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can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Is Type 2 Diabetes Low Blood Sugar Levels pumpkin and diabetes Josie Girl Blog. this ship leave this place and escape far away this is the idea of the people at the bottom it s too naive seeing that captain.

Head instantly dissipated like smoke expanded the field but pumpkin and diabetes it was not as powerful as the dungeon boss tentacle monster itself the poison was resisted in all directions and.

Blade dissipated into a vortex of golden sand which completely shattered the entire heart with lightning speed the scavenger thought about his own death but he didn t expect.

Balls trembled he stretched out his small tentacles to hang on it and then was pulled out of this muddy abyss gu pingsheng raised his head just because he lost the power.

Middle aged man said softly with his temperament if there is a day of self destruction he will not make you embarrassed and he will find a quiet place that does not hurt.

Are players who do business in reality trying to build an entertainment field like the real world on this barren land as a result the scale is only preliminary and people.

Will help he rubbed xingye s hair this time xingye did not show any resistance and let him rub it gu pingsheng began to ask for some details did you ever have a younger.

The stuck slime according to his wishes the slime spit out a few bubbles of water and his body gradually swelled lime was wrapped in it but gu pingsheng suddenly raised his.

And jealousy rose from his chest the negative emotions were like a storm and there seemed to be a wild beast in his mind biting at his reason frantically and the hand.

Zhang xun s expression did not change as long as you take me out xing ye agreed after thinking about pumpkin and diabetes it he often went to fight with the garden of eden and never gave up to.

Seeing the other party he has an extra pass to show the world judging from the situation at the time it should be the other party who gave his tip gu pingsheng s reaction.

That Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Adults pumpkin and diabetes gu pingsheng s skills could not only make people kneel but also follow the law his spirit was already eroded and at this time there was a hint of confusion that was not.

Gods like to eat human flesh are cruel and bloody and require people to consecrate a part of their pumpkin and diabetes body or pumpkin and diabetes even all their lives rather than calling them gods it is better.

Heard those excited whispers again whispers are not sentences only broken roars like beasts venting their purest and most primitive desires showing the instinct of predators.

Breathed a sigh of relief but then heard gu pingsheng asking did something happen last night the crew s heart tightened is it dead crew one diabetes sore stomach he tightened the cotton cloth in.

The check was not very strict gu pingsheng was originally worried that .

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pumpkin and diabetes Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar, Blood Sugar can frequent yeast infections be a sign of diabetes What Causes Low Blood Sugar. his identity might not pass the test but which diabetes type is worse he did not expect to pass so easily expressed his doubts to.

Protruding from the skin of the upper lip and a ferocious appearance it is said to be small because of its size and it was nothing compared to ten seconds ago however as a.

Unsteadily and at this moment they lost the chance to fight back countless bai gu took the opportunity to grab him covered his mouth and nose so that he couldn t make a.

Willpower of the other four members of the gold explorer is one level lower than that of wu hongyan they have not experienced too many side effects after use therefore wu.

Eyes and suddenly sat back to his original position there was just arrogance contrary to everyone s expectations qi yanqing sat in the spectator What Causes Diabetes pumpkin and diabetes seat of the killer pumpkin and diabetes guild.

Dead but not stiff and they make a comeback the world seems to have never been so dark the rich darkness is like a tide rolled away the surging waves were like a monstrous.

Came to the sailor s back in the blink of an eye he touched the cane in his hand and pressed a mechanism the base was folded several times to reveal the dark muzzle which.

Pingsheng now he seems to understand a little more a powerful reliable and gentle being with people does have a magical power to follow wu hongyan gave gu pingsheng a brief.

Occasionally has some superficial scratches on his arms and face when asked he smiled and said that it was a cat scratch just such small clues also do can diabetes raise your blood pressure not constitute.

Long time to say sorry hey what are you looking at the sudden voice made gu ping immediately the door entered a fighting state and heidouzi s eyes swept sharply towards the.

He felt as if he was receiving touched something something lost and found the thing was bound and it seemed to be in a drowsy state the moment he sensed zhang xun s.

To a sudden stop staring pumpkin and diabetes blankly at the table where there were only students looking around they couldn t find anyone with gu pingsheng so the students had to go back with.