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Di Fara Pizza Brooklyn

This past weekend, in an attempt to have an adventure and do something off electronics, we looked up “best pizza in Brooklyn” (in our 5 borough food scavenger hunt) and discovered Di Fara [1]. So we hopped in the car, drove to a predominantly Hassidic Jewish neighborhood and got some pizza. And yes, it was the BEST PIZZA EVER and I am so glad that we went on this adventure. It was absolutely incredible.


Just a window. Incredible.


Back off!

Very hot and very delicious.

They have two types: square and regular. We got two square and two regular.

The square

By far the best pizza slice. I want some now — so so so good.


So if you are in NYC and crave some pizza, head to Di Fara! Worth the drive….can’t wait to go back! Happy weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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