Revisiting The List: A List Of Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss, and Won’t Forget

We are now seven months in to the pandemic and life continues to be different and unsettled. I never expected the COVID-19 pandemic to still be the center of our lives, and yet….here we are. It is interesting to revisit the list I made on May 8 (almost 5 months ago) of things I miss, don’t miss, won’t miss and won’t forget. So many still ring true. Here is the original list, but updated for October 2020.


Pretty, NYC



* traveling, Europe, beaches, summer

* not being afraid of crowds of people

* the certainty of making plans

* Broadway, theater, music shows, museums

* friends — so many are temporarily out of the city, have moved for good, or are busy with their own lives and situations

* care-free happiness

* hugs and kisses from friends, human contact

* human connection

* Fred’s (pre Barneys RIP), ABCV, Ralphs, Kappa Masa, pizza

* the ease and ability of running errands to get anything and everything — easier, but now stores and places have shortened hours and it’s more difficult than before

* having places to go




* kids’ drop offs and pick ups — I realize I DON’T MISS THIS

* shuffling a bajillion kids around here and there, everywhere

* options and choices

* live sports

* taxis and horns and the hustle and the bustle

* crowded streets

* the old man runner in Central Park, the chicken truck man on my corner, the driver for the fancy neighbor — nonstranger strangers

* the subway




* the subway

* schlepping





* the difficulty of figuring out logistics without the subway

* feeling judged by others on my decisions on how to act or not act in this pandemic

* the phrase “the new normal”

* anxiety ordering groceries — no longer an issue

* creative, healthy, family friendly meals times three times seven times infiniti — no longer an issue

* the pit in my stomach every morning where I realize this is not a nightmare but a reality

* the questions, the unknowns, the inability to plan

* stranger’s looks of fear / hatred / concern as I pass by

* obsessively checking the nytimes and reading the headlines

* masks and gloves

* worrying about the future and realizing I have no control over it

* the inability to talk about anything other than COVID




* to SLOW down, to be home, to learn to be still

* that we are all going through this, and we all have a range of emotions and it’s difficult or challenging for ALL of us

* watching flowers and trees bloom from beginning to end — back in city, so no longer as big of a part

* my kids happiness wherever they are

* the friends that check in and call and support and love even from afar

* home is where the heart is — true true

* DNice — no longer applies

* Watching The Office every night with the family — no longer applies as completed during lockdown

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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