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Best Hand Sanitizer

I know you all have probably read a bazillion reviews on hand sanitizer (because I have) but on the off chance you have NOT or don’t know about it, then this post is doing it’s job. DS & DURGA “Big Sur After Rain” Hand sanitizer [1] is the best best best best and there is absolutely NO COMPETITION. It smells delicious, does the work, is a sleek bottle, and even makes you want to use more.


I have always loved the Big Sur After Rain candle — so it was the reason why I tried the sanitizer in the first place. Well, that, and because it got great write ups in the NYTimes.

It is honestly the best $30 I have spent. Yes, the price is expensive for hand sanitizer, but it worth every cent. All the other hand sanitizers smell so badly that I hate using them and make me feel like I just took a shot of vodka. i.e. disgusting. This on the other hand, my goodness, just smells divine.



Good ingredients and works, too. The best kind of product.


So if you are the market (or even if you are not), do try the DS & Durga hand sanitizer. Also, it makes a great gift —  because everyone could use some more sanitizer in their lives during this time!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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