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Fall 2020 Reading List

Not that I get much time to read during the school year, but it is a goal of mine to read more this year. So here are the 10 books I would love to read right now!


1. Born a Crime [1]


2. The Vanishing Half [2]



3. A Promised Land [3]



4. Cilka’s Journey [3]



5. Carry [4]



6. Minor Feelings [5]



7. Everyone Knows How Much I Love You [6]



8. Empty [7]



9. Look Both Ways [8]


10. Anxious People [9]



Happy reading! As the weather gets cooler, I am excited for curling up with our new puppy, reading a book and relaxing by the fire….let’s see if that actually happens :).

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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