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Currently Loving March 2020

Hi friends, I apologize for my silence last week. It was a little hectic trying to figure out my family’s next move and reaction to the COVID-19 sweeping the world and I froze (and was unable to write). Ultimately, we decided that it was best for me and the kids to go down to Florida to my in-law’s empty condo while Ken stayed behind to deal with the chaos of the virus hitting the business. It is not lost on me how lucky we are to have the option to get out of the city and have another place to go, that we have the means to buy back up supplies and groceries, and have the flexibility to get up and move. This crisis is affecting every person, world wide, and it’s devastating and hard. I waver between moments of worries, concerns, tears, frets, fears; and then being ok and breathing and dealing with moment to moment instead of thinking long term. My heart goes out to people that have it much harder….I wish it weren’t so. Stay inside, support small businesses, connect with friends, show your love, be kind, and take it day by day. In the meantime, here is what I am currently loving this month. And I will be back to normal posting — thank you for your patience.


1. I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Home School [1]


I love this Op Ed. Everything about it. My kids are currently on “spring break” so remote learning starts next week, and I am unsure how to approach it. Part of me wants a schedule, and part of me wants the kids to get bored, draw, watch tv, and be okay with it all. In addition to loving this message, the author went to college with Ken!


2. Americanah [2]



I finished this book a couple days ago, and hands down, top 5 books I have ever read. I loved it — beautifully written, great perspective, smart, and heart warming. I sobbed at the end — which is always a good sign I liked a book. It is absolutely a must read, and buy immediately.


3. Anklet [3]



I clearly remember when I was younger, mom wore an anklet. I always thought it was weird to have jewelry on the bottom of your foot. But all of a sudden, I am loving the look of it. There is something hidden and secret about it, and then also flashy and different. I can’t wait to wear it all summer long (or if I am stuck in Florida forever).


4. NPR Tiny Desk series [4]



The other night, instead of writing blog posts, I spent hours scouring the Tiny Desk series watching all my favorite singers perform. It made me smile and I loved it oh so much. My favorites: Coldplay, Lizzo, Sting and Shaggy, Big Boi. If you do have the time to watch any, tell me which ones you loved. They have over 900 performances and NPR has been doing it for over 10 years!


5. Maui Babe Body Butter [5]



It is like vacation when you use this moisturizing body butter. It sinks in to your skin, smells tropical, and is highly moisturizing. I bought it to use this summer, but when I was panic packing for Coronavirus Florida Escape, I grabbed it, and a week later, I am thankful that I did. So good, so easy (and it doesn’t spill or leak in a bag when you pack it). I will rebuy it 100% .



There you have it, my list for March 2020. I have a long list of things I dislike this month (don’t we all), but focusing on the positive….Stay healthy, be well, and check back in on Wednesday for more! Thanks for reading!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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