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Winter To Do List 2020

I know Winter is almost over (or is that wishful thinking?) but here is a list of activities that I want to do in NYC in the next couple weeks (doesn’t winter feel like eternity?)


1. Groove (in my seat) at Hip Hop Dance Performance Off Broadway [1], Beyond Babel [2]


Read about this performance in the NYTImes and I canNOT wait to go. I am buying tickets STAT.

2. Watch Jagged Little Pil [3]l on Broadway


I have heard such wonderful things about this musical and I am dying to go!


3. Be Amazed By Music Performers [4]


Yep, going to Celine Dion with my mother-in-law. Not necessarily a fan, but I am excited nonetheless! Who can say no to a legend?


4. Bumper Cars [5] at Bryant Park


Going this weekend and am SO excited! Hope it’s everything that I imagine it to be!


5. Eat at Le Crocodile [6]


One of my favorite restaurants in recent years has been “Chez Ma Tante” and now they opened their second restaurant. Dying to try it!


6. Go on Quests for Perfections [7]


Best cheeseburger, best pizza, best hot chocolate, best ramen, best dumplings. I want to make it a monthly field trip and go explore the city and come up with lists of perfection!


7. Visit NY Hall of Science exhibit of Scattered Lights [8]


A great family outing, especially on a cold weekend. Excited to go explore and see!


8. SeeSaw [9] between 37th and 38th


It closes tomorrow, but I am determined to go regardless! How fun and playful — for adults and kids alike!


9. Explore the newly renovated MoMA [10]


Still haven’t been and will put it on my to do list from here until I actually do it.


So there you have it! My list of activities that I want to do! What else should I add on to it? I love exploring this big and wonderful city! So much to do and see!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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