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Natori Fine Jewelry: Indochine Rings

Natori does it all — bras, undies, robes, towels, sheets, and now FINE JEWELRY! Like real gold and diamonds — a girl’s dream (pair it with feathers bra and you have the ultimate present)! I love this collection so much. Love. Love bold underline exclamation marks italic. It is so good and I want them all.  I ordered the Indochine Diamond rings [1] and a pair of earrings (future post) and ever since I received them (yesterday), it is all I can think about. They are so beautiful and I love them so much! Check out all the Natori Fine jewelry here [2].


Bamboo rings.

The rings are 14K gold (they also come in rose gold and platinum) with a 3mm bezel diamond (0.13 total carat weight).

I love that the ring can be delicate and simple worn alone.

Or you can stack them. They are sold separately, but I instantly knew I wanted three of them.

I am planning on wearing them on my right hand where I have other sentimental rings that I never take off.

Thin, small, delicate and each with a story! And my hands (not thin small or delicate) also tell a story with their wrinkles and freckles!


To read about the launch of the collection, go here [3] and here [4].

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