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Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch PJ

It is official. I am old and now like to wear pajamas around the house…obviously, Natori pajamas. Soon, I will like robes (haven’t graduated to that stage yet in my life). And I say this in a sincerely¬† —¬† these Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch pajamas [1] are luxuriously soft, feminine, practical, and absolute perfect. FTW.


Classic with a twist of lace.

Notch top — not revealing but not Mormon.

Lace applique on the leg bottom and sleeves. It is the perfect touch of femininity.

I want a shirt with some lace on the edges!

The look.

Drawstring pants.

Again, some lace.


Don’t these pajamas make you want a cozy night in? I sure do…..Check out all the pajamas on natori.com [2] #NotAnAd

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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