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Fall 2019 Reading List

Not that I have picked up a book since the start of school but here are the ten books I want to read by the end of 2019! Take a look…


1. Where to Begin: A Small About Your Power to Create Big Change in our Crazy World [1]


2. My Ex-Life [2]



3. Let’s Go Swimming on Doomsday [3]



4. The Gifted School [4]



5. The Water Dancer [5]



6. The Education of an Idealist [6]



7. Find Me [7]



8. Talking to Strangers [8]



9. Just Mercy [9]



10. Red At The Bone [10]



OK, ambitious as always, I know! I hope to get in some reading in the next couple of months! As the weather cools down and life slows down, I will hopefully have the chance to read more

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