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Bar Pisellino

On a beautiful summery day last weekend, we went with friends-that-are-family to Bar Pisellino [1], a bar that I had read about and was so excited to try out. If you know me, I have been obsessed with Aperol Spritzes [2] for the past 12 months, and Bar Pisellino not only serves them, but has them on TAP. YUP — Aperol ON DRAFT.


Nothing better than summer nights in Manhattan….especially with epic and gorgeous skies as documented by @ken.natori [3]

Bar Pisellino opened up this past month by James Beard Foundation Best New York City Chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. They own Buvette [4], I Sodi [5], Via Carota [6], and now Bar Pisellino. All four restaurants are within a three-block West Village radius. A big fan of Buvette, I knew that I would not be disappointed with Bar Pisellino. Sure enough, the atmosphere, drinks, and vibe were great and left me so happy that we went.


Located on the corner, there are only small tables to grab a drink and snack. NOTE this is not a restaurant where you can eat a full meal.

The tables are small.

Very Italian, they serve both oranges and olives with the spritzes, depending on what direction you want to take the drink.

Basically, aperol spritzes are capri suns for adults — and WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

And of course, the color is mesmerizing. And its light, refreshing, low in alcohol, and oh so delicious.

Now that it is summer, this is my go-to drink.

Perfect table.


I can’t wait to return to Bar Pisellino — definitely worth going to before or after dinner to have a nice evening drink! If you live uptown, it is worth trekking down to the West Village and spending an hour there.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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