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Currently Loving April 2019

AHHHHH April….Spring, but in terms of the school year, feels like almost Summer. From April to June, it feels like a sprint to the finish line of the year: so much going on with recitals, meetings, wrapping it up. Often times, I forget how to breathe during this time. So, I need to remember to be in the present and here is what I am currently loving!


1. Eat Clean, Play Dirty Cookbook [1]


If I eat like the authors do I become beautiful like them????


One of my besties gifted me this cookbook last week and I cannot wait to make all of the recipes, which are uber healthy, vegan, plant based. A great way to start off the Spring – Summer in a healthy detox way. I especially want to try the breakfast recipes and the salad dressings — they all look so good.


2. Old Town Road [2]


There are two versions of this song out right now in the top 40 hits. I personally like the original better…..but both are extremely catchy.


The new viral song, Old Town Road, has a great beat and sticks to your mind for days on end. There was even an article in the NYTimes about it. I love listening to it when I run (and even heard it blaring on the streets in Boston when I ran the marathon) and it instantly makes me happy.


3. Huge in France [3]


European sense of humor…


Light and entertaining, this new series on netflix is easy to watch and funny.


4. Natori Feathers Bra [4]


I am not sure how I lived without this bra — I wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY and have multiple in every color. It is worth getting multiples of this bra.


I know, I know, HOW many times do I have to mention this bra? But I do because it is *that* good. So, trust me. Get the bra, get with the program, and feel oh so happy. I promise you this bra is the best in the world. And it is pretty, inexpensive, very comfortable, and trustworthy.


5. The Unwinding of the Miracle [5]


I first read the work of this author on her personal blog where she wrote about her illness and life. So powerful.


A tear jerker book, but great to put everything in perspective. The book is also beautifully written. A must read.



So what are you loving now that that we are in a new season (and new month)? Do share!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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