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Upstate Tie Dye Makeover

Every other month, I clean out my closet and purge clothes that I no longer wear. Two weeks ago, in this manic cleaning session, I discovered a pair of white Isabel Marant shorts that I had purchased over three years ago but never wore. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to do with them — have them tie dyed and trnsform them from boring and dull to wild and fun. I emailed Kalen from Upstate [1] and dropped them off at her studio the very next day…..three days later, she was finished with them and I could not love them anymore. They are tie dye perfection.


Cute, but not very practical for me….

I love the high waist, buttons and sailor look, but had a hard time wearing white in the city or out west…

Check them out!! How fun and crazy are they? Kalen asked me what color — and I said blue but to have fun with them. And sure enough -they are blue, with a hint of yellow and pink. I love them oh so much.

I cannot wait to wear them and I know they will get a lot of use. Tie dye seems to be my new neutral in my wardrobe.


If you want anything tie dyed (professionally — and ensured to be awesome), then check out Upstate [1]! She even did a collaboration with Natori that you can see here [2].  And of course, she sells her own clothing, so check out her online store [3], too.

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