Currently Loving November 2018

And just like that, here we are in November. This Fall has sped by so fast and I am in disbelief — wasn’t it just SUMMER?!?!?!? Here is what I am currently loving!



1. Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris’s new song “I found you” but even more specifically the video when Francis Farewell Starlight dances with Benny Blanco.


GAWD, I love these two guys. First of all, I have been a fan of Francis and the Lights for several years — the music makes me so happy. And Francis is just the cutest, most random dude ever. So the fact that he is in this video (he is not involved with the music or lyrics or production of it in the slightest) makes me so happy. I want to learn how to do this dance. It is so FUN. And life is about having FUN!

2. Inspiring marathon stories. Try not to cry reading this.


One of the many reasons why I love marathons so much is that everyone has a story in why they are running one. No one (or very few) do it just because — everyone has to fight and push their limits in order to get through a marathon. I have always loved reading inspiring stories about runners, and after finishing this past Sunday’s marathon and being emotional and overwhelmed, this story hit a cord with me. It is incredibly sad, beautiful, and empowering. A must read.


3. Yellows.


I am currently loving the color yellow. It screams FALL. I fell in love with this coat the minute I saw it and have yet to wear it because the weather has been so bizarre. My son, Cruzzie, told me I look “Russian” when I wear the jacket……I’ll take it, whatever he means by it! I just love the yellow color.


4. Nice Jewish Girl Socks. How could I not love these? And they are perfect for any Jewish person you know! Who doesn’t love gym socks? And with a fun little catch?


Last week, I went on a mad hunt to find Halloween Socks for my daughter (she is not allowed to wear costumes to school for Halloween but can wear socks). I searched for 2.5 hours (no amazon order for me since it was 24 hours before the fact…) and I came out empty handed. But I did find these socks. And of course, I had to buy them.


5. Spindrift drink made up of real squeezed fruit and sparkling water. 


A more natural choice than La Croix (since there are claims that La Croix has chemicals in it and isn’t very natural with its natural flavorings). Sprindrift is more expensive but is a delicious alternative to a La Croix.


There you have it. Five random things that I am currently loving! Please share what you are into right now — songs, books, tv shows, drinks, shoes, anything and everything!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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