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Favorite New Cookbooks October 2018

I have not been into cooking recently — not sure what it is, but I just don’t feel like being in the kitchen and cooking. I have been tired from marathon training (and here I go with another marathon next month), the start and craze of school, and September life is just busy…..I guess I don’t even feel that into food these days — I just want to consume some calories and then be done. But that doesn’t stop me from buying new cookbooks. Here are my current three favorite new ones!


Cookbooks might be retro and outdated, but they are almost like coffee table books — just beautiful and easy to flip through.

1. Fred’s at Barneys Cookbook [1]


YUP, favorite restaurant [2], favorite cookbook.

Wrong season to make this, but how good does it look?


2. Kale & Caramel [3]


This book was a present from my mom, and I just love it oh so much. Beautiful and healthy food.

Yes, please.


3. Dinner: Changing The Game [4]


Recommended by a friend who cooks for her family EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  She says she uses this most days and claims the recipes are easy and delicious.

I love this combo.


What cookbooks are you loving right now? And / or do you have any good recipes to share that will help me get back into the kitchen and cooking?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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