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Natori Cherry Blossom Convertible Bra

I never thought it would happen…For the past decade, I have only worn Natori Feathers Bra and swear by it 110%. But recently when scrolling through instagram, I saw a Natori ad pop up advertising a new bra….so like any good shopper, I was intrigued and clicked on it to find out more information. And just like that, I ordered the bra (with a little help from some friends) and now, I HAVE MY NEWEST FAVORITE BRA EVER. I never thought it would be possible that I would find a bra that I liked as much as Feathers Bra, but believe it or not, I am now madly in love with the Cherry Blossom bra [1].


First of all, the bra is pretty.

Let’s face it, like most people, I love beautiful things. Although I am a huge fan of comfort and practicality, I also want my wardrobe to be beautiful. And the Cherry Blossom Bra is not only practical and extremely comfortable, but it is beautiful, too. The lace is gorgeous and I feel lady like and put together, while also wearing a bra that gives a natural shape.


Lined, wireless bra perfection.

Cherry blossom lace gives the name of the bra….

And one of the other exciting characteristics about the bra is the J-hook (it slides so will fit at any height), which makes the bra perfect for racer back tanks.


I love the versatility of the bra, the comfort, and the beauty — trifecta perfection!


The J-hook in use.

The advertisement that sold me on instagram! I love this image and the bra!


I am definitely going to wear this bra more frequently as I love it so much. Thank you, Natori, for showing yet again that you are the best bras EVER.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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