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Reusable Bowl Covers

Like most Oregonians, my parents are constantly (and thankfully) looking for ways to create less garbage and be more environmentally conscious. In their attempt to eliminate saran wrap and aluminum foil, they use reusable bowl covers. It is a simple switch that reduces waste and takes little effort. Plus, the various patterned tops make your fridge look hip! I ordered some [1] for NYC and can’t wait to use them.


How cool? And cute? And practical?

The covers are made of food-safe laminated cotton (outer) in beautiful prints and the lining is a polyester mix.  They stretch around bowls and are machine washable!

Great when you store the food in the fridge or when you are setting it out on the counter.

Yes it looks like a shower cap.

Another non-shower-cap-shower-cap

Works on most anything


To purchase them, go here [1] or here [2]. Happy Monday!

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