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Fresh Deodorant

It’s almost DEJA VU because I write so much about deodorant (read here [1] and here [2]). That said, I haven’t found the perfect deodorant (total Goldilocks over here….). I use natural deodorant (almost exclusively Agent Nateur [1]) but there are times that I need to use stronger stuff (like Secret… GASP) so I don’t sweat (and then smell).  Recently, when I was at a local boutique in Seattle, the salesperson told me that there are times she has to use a sorta natural deodorant — natural because it is alcohol free, but only sorta because it has aluminum in it. She says Fresh Sugar Deodorant [3] is better than Secret, but worse than Agent Nateur, and is the perfect deodorant for those special situations. SO HAPPY.


Fresh sugar. Apparently, Sugar is a natural humectant that helps attract and seal in moisture. Who knew?

And I couldn’t be happier. It is not my everyday deodorant, but the perfect secret in not using chemical packed deodorant for those times when I just can’t sweat. This Fresh deodorant is gentle, alcohol free, and enriched with sugar so it prevents sweating and from swelling bad. Hallelujah!


Roll on. ROLL ON.



I am so happy with my new purchase — it makes me feel like I won some type of life lottery — like now that I will use this deodorant sporadically, I am giving myself an additional couple years of living [4] (vs using the real bad stuff deodorant). The small things are what count, right? Happy day!

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