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Cleo Wade

One of my favorite instagram [1] stars / poets / activists is Cleo Wade [2]. Not only is she super-model-gorgeous, but she is also articulate, poetic, and inspirational. I feel a connection to everything that she writes and posts — so much that I just want to hug her.  Since I basically stalk her, I knew that her book was coming out in March and pre-ordered it. I read it for inspiration, sage wise advice, and comfort. It is the equivalent of a hot cup of tea with honey, just soothing and loving.


Heart Talk. And yep, it does talk to your heart.

Art / stories / poems / reminders / advice.

So good. So very good.

Please, do.

This is a typical post from Cleo on Instagram. And I couldn’t agree more.

Simple reminders. Good for your soul.


I highly recommend following Cleo on instagram, buying her book [3], and reading it. I want to buy 20 copies and pass them out to people on the street — it is that good. So good. And it doesn’t hurt that she is so beautiful and writes like she is writing specifically to the reader. Can she by my friend please?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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