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Favorite New Cookbooks March 2018

Happy March! It feels like it was just January.  Time has flown (probably because of my recent travels to Italy [1] and India [2]) but in any case, here we are!  I was just gifted three new cookbooks by two dear friends and I love them all so much (both the friends and the cookbooks) that I wanted to share.


I am officially my mom: a collector of cookbooks.  I have more cookbooks than real actual books! And I love it……

The Wellness Mama Cookbook [3]


Wellness Mama, yes please.

This just screams me. Green and soup? GREEN SOUP? yas.

Can’t wait to make this recipe.


Tacos; Recipes and Provocations [4]


I love tacos almost as much as I love nachos and kale.

Goal recipe.


Healthyish [5]


Everything in this cookbook looks to die for.

I want to make and eat every single one of these!!!!


I highly suggest these cookbooks and can’t wait to put them to use! Have a great weekend.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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