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Domino Magazine Spread

Our apartment was recently featured in Domino Magazine [1] in an interview with our interior designer, Ali Tick [2]. We are so thrilled with it and love the fact that we will always have these images of our “forever home.” As you may know, we went through a major renovation [3] for 8 months, during which we put together our dream interiors and designs. We love our home — so so much — as it truly represents us…  comfortable, clean, modern, and cheerful. To take a look at the full article, go here [1]. Thanks to Domino and thanks to Ali for working with us on so many different projects (remember this in Lonny [4] years ago?) and thanks to you all for letting me indulge in sharing this article! Thank you! (All photos by Cody Guilfoyle for Domino)


This is our “formal” living room. I love the colors and the chairs.

The playroom — one of my absolute favorite rooms in the entire house. It is cheerful, playful, and screams FUN. FUN.


Blue bathroom


My office. Maybe the room where I spend the most time.


The article did a good job of showing most of our apartment and all its color and brightness. There are some rooms missing (like the laundry room — my favorite room) and so I will do a post on that soon. Thank you for reading the article. And thank you for reading this post. Means a lot.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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