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Carrie Pinkstaff Calendars

One of the random things I love about the New Year is having new calendars. I am still old school and carry around a calendar planner in my purse (along with an electronic copy on my phone / computer). I also have a pretty calendar displayed on my desk. For the past 2 years, my “pretty desk” calendar has been created and illustrated by the childhood best friend of my sister, Carrie Pinkstaff [1].


Carrie groups the months by seasons and has pretty, whimsical and fun pictures to go along. Last year, the seasons had a floral theme.





And this year, she has homes typical of Portland, Oregon, where she lives. I love the vibe of the neighborhoods she shows — very true to the Pacific Northwest.






Not only do they brighten your desk, but they also make a great present. Actually, my little sister gifted me the calendar last year and now I am hooked. I also love supporting local (to the PNW) artists and up and coming artists and illustrators.


Desk selfie.

The size of the calendar — nice and large. Looks good on the desk or hung up on a wall somewhere.


So if you are interested in buying this calendar ($24), go to Carrie’s etsy shop here [2]. And for her website, go here [1]. Thank you, Carrie, we love your work!

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