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Salmon Fritters with Eggs

Here is Ken with a guest blog post:



As much as I love Thanksgiving, I think I love Thanksgiving leftovers more.  I don’t get the chance to cook much due to our schedules (nor do I get time to guest post on my wife’s blog), but the four day weekend allowed for some time to do both.


Every year, in addition to turkey, my family goes big on the poached salmon… and there are always tons of leftovers that we never know what to do with.  It may be an Asian thing, but I get a weird sense of satisfaction from eating leftovers, and moreover, finding creative ways to make dishes from leftovers.  With that, check out this post-Thanksgiving breakfast we enjoyed:  salmon fritters with fried eggs:




Take strips of poached salmon and equal parts mashed potato. Smush them together into something halfway between a pancake and a meatball.


Face puffiness, courtesy of Thanksgiving dinner


Balls. Sprinkled with some salt and pepper and ready to cook.


Heat up some olive oil (or butter) in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Don’t be shy. The most important part of this is getting a nice brown on the potatoes.


Once the oil (butter) heats up, put the fritters on. Move them around a little a couple times over the first minute so that they don’t stick.  You will need to use a spatula and your hands actively to keep the fritters in a ball/pancake (ballcake?).  Cook for a couple of minutes.


When the bottom of the fritter achieves a nice golden brown (like this), flip.


Fry eggs


Plate the fritters. Parsley would have been good here.


Top and eat!

Leftover poached salmon- riddle solved!  Here are some other guest blog cooking posts from over the years:  Beer Can Chicken [1], Homemade Mac and Cheese [2], Grilled Artichokes [3]. Enjoy!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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