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Currently Loving August 2017

Although I love August, the fact that summer is almost over makes me emotional and sad. I love summer so much and knowing that the end is near is always so hard. That said, here is what I am currently loving (and yes, I am trying hard to be “present” and “current”)


August in Oregon. Dry and hot.

August in Oregon. Dry and hot.

1. Catastrophe [1]

The first season was definitely the most funny, while the second and third are more dark and serious. Still, it’s a quick easy, mindless yet smart watch.




2. Dua Lipa; Be the One [2]


This song will make you want to dance like no other. It is happy and sad all at the same time — and with a catchy beat and tune.




3. King’s Estate Rose Wine [3]


This wine is smooth, fruity, and crisp. It is the perfect mixture of rose and pinot noir, making it a great drink on a summer or winter night.




4. Sriracha Salt [4]


Salty and spicy, it adds the perfect spice and tang to any meal. A must for your kitchen.




5. Travel Auto Bingo [5]


These travel auto bingo cards are great for any road trip. The kids and I loved playing with them on our recent trip to Crater Lake [6], and look forward to using them in the upcoming future car rides, too.




6. Running glasses [7]


$25 dollar running glasses, yes please (or in my case, free since a dear friend gave them to me). They are the right price, the right weight on your nose, and great to run with. A must for your outdoor summer adventures.




7. NYTimes Mini Crossword App [8]


Every day, I do Sudoku and a mini-crossword on separate apps. They are so much fun and make me feel smarter and wiser. It sounds dorky, but my dad and I do the crossword separately and compare scores/compete.  Dork.




So that is what I am currently loving this month. What are you loving and interested in this summer? Also, please send me your book recommendations — have read a ton recently, but I am always looking for more, too. Happy August!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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