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Although it seems like it should have been a joyous weekend celebrating my son’s seventh birthday (thank you so much to everyone who sent me greetings on his special day — truly felt like my birthday, thank you), it was darkened by the political climate in our country. I spent many “birthday greeting phone calls” talking and worrying about what was going on — it feels like a bad, bad movie.  It’s a scary world out there, and let’s make sure we do what is right for EVERY single person in our country, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc.  Here are some important links around the web.



Family ice cream birthday party (celebrating Cruzzie’s 7th birthday and my sister’s 36th birthday) — the ice cream cake was DELICIOUS and I ate more than my fair share…..but YOLO.



It was a rainy weekend in Pound Ridge. So we made huge progress on this!

It was a rainy weekend in Pound Ridge. So we made huge progress on this!


Here are some links, that are distracting, educating, and more.


My boyfriend. Geez, I love him so.


Go Brene, so true. So true.


Thank you, Dan Rather.


Is this the President we want for our daughters? CHILLS.


Letterman has no love for Trump. Does anyone? Brace ourselves.


#PantsuitPower. Amazing. Love.


Hope you have a wonderful short week. xoxo

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  1. Aww, happy 7th birthday, Cruz! Sorry the presidential nonsense had to ruin a great weekend. The Hillary Clinton commercial gives me chills every time I see it. I am happy to know that you and I share the same opinions about the awful, misogynistic, predator/ orange man running for office. All I can say is…”Don’t boo, VOTE.”

  2. Thank you for not being afraid to express your political believes. We need more bloggers like you to share their outrage over who could potentially be running the country for the next 4 years. Also, happy birthday to your son! Hopefully he is too young to understand what is going on in the political world.

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