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Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets

Introduced to me by a dear friend [1], these bracelets are a taste-the-rainbow [2] flirty, fun, summery addition that add (lots) of pops of color to your wrist. Roxanne Assoulin bracelets [3]. They remind me of chiclets [4] (the gum) and instantly bring a smile to my face.  It doesn’t hurt that these were recently mentioned in the NYTimes [5]….


Trio Package

Trio Package. Screams HAPPY SUMMER!


Website information.

Enamel tiles

Enamel rainbow tiles.

Same colors, similar vibe: Lego.

Same colors, similar vibe: Lego.

On my wrist.

On my wrist.


Love love love love! Happy colors, happy stripes, happiness. Happy June! BTW, I think I use too many “!!!!”, the phrase “Say WWWHHHHAATTT” and “YUP.” I am going to try to curb my 22 year old vocabulary back and either adapt to the new cool lingo (a la “gucci”) or maybe (just maybe) sound more like a grown up 37 year old. That said, Happy Weekend, YUP!!!!!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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