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Three Natural Deodorants

You know what makes me nervous and sweaty? Traveling across the country with two kids. YUP, that is what I am doing right about NOW! As you read this, imagine a dotted line somewhere between the Pacific and the Atlantic with the two kids swiping all the energy out of me and making me swear I will never fly again. Oh, and then add on the smell of my stinky sweaty armpits. Great, right? Except that the reality is that I am actually smelling AWESOME because I have three deodorants in the mix. YUP, three different natural, wholesome, non chemical deodorants. And all of them work. And I am obsessed with all three of them.


The lucky three

The lucky three! I have officially sworn off mainstream deodorants with antiperspirant

Malin + Goetz Deodorant [1]


I am a huge fan of this eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing roll on deodorant. It is alcohol and aluminum free, and is incredibly fresh, natural, and effective! Subtle smell, nice application, easy to travel with…



Malin + Goetz


Saint Olio [2]


A recent convert of the Saint Olio body refresher, I also love this spray deodorant which has a much richer, fuller, deeper scent. The 100% natural forest-inspired blend is not quite a cologne or traditional deodorant, but more of an invigorating, therapeutic mist. The smell is strong, but beautiful. Kind of like a walking Christmas Tree.


Saint Olio

Saint Olio


Weleda [3]


It feels almost like applying a floral perfume — sweet, aromatic, rosy — a fresh scent to apply to your body! Aluminum free, natural, and purifying. Plus, I love the feminine and happy bottle.





Tops of the three different rotating deodorants.

roll on

Roll on.




The bottles of the three differently (and frequently) used deodorants. I love using these three and feel healthy, at ease, and covered with any of them!


What deodorants or natural products are you currently loving?  I will officially be blogging from Eugene, Oregon (my true home) for the next couple of months (land of the deodorant au naturel….)

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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