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Flower Girl NYC

A couple of weeks ago, I co-hosted a baby shower for one of my besties in NYC. It was a huge over-the-top, atypical, and insanely beautiful event.  While it took place in a formal location, we wanted it to feel down-to-earth… solution:  we hired Flower Girl NYC [1] to do the flowers. And man oh man, were the floral arrangements *out of this world beautiful*!  Although we dealt with a minor snafu with the delivery of the flowers, I can’t speak highly enough of the flowers themselves. They stole the show (although my friend was beyond radiant and gorgeous with her tiny baby bump, so it was a tie).


Every angle is perfection [2]

Every angle is perfection. Can you take the beauty? I can’t….. Still dreaming of them.


I heard about Flower Girl NYC from various articles and knew immediately that it was the florist for us. We wanted a flowy, bohemian, organic, wispy look to counter balance the precise, tailored location. Something less formal and rigid than a typical florist, and more natural looking.


Baby shower

The arrangements on the long tables.

Greens and whites [3]

Greens and whites mixed with the Jordan almonds [4] thrown on the tables for an extra detail (and crunch).

The table [5]

The table


Most flowers don’t last long in my house — but this arrangement lasted a full week! It was the arrangement that kept on giving and giving.


5 days old and still beautiful as ever. [6]

5 days old and still beautiful as ever.


We requested our flowers to be white, green, and a tad of blush, with peonies if possible. Flower Girl arrangements always focus on what is available seasonally to evoke the changing seasons. And they did exactly what we requested — in terms of the overall look, the colors and the feel.


The vase. [7]

How beautiful and unique is the vase?

Whites and blush. [8]

Whites and blush.

Awesome. [9]


can't take enough pictures. [10]

can’t take enough pictures.




I definitely plan on using Flower Girl again as the flowers are so different and special, and will use these pictures as inspiration for events that I plan in the future. To read about Flower Girl on Vogue, go here [11].  Food and Wine, go here [12]. New York Times, go here [13]. Eye Swoon, go here [14].  Get the point? They are fabulous — and the flowers do all the talking. So happy with the result of the arrangements. So if you are in NYC and need a simple arrangement or a full-on-florist for an event, call them!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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