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Puerto Rico – Spring Break

Happy Spring Break! As mentioned on Monday, I spent the first half of Spring Break with my family in Mexico, summarized here in 5 pictures [1]. Now we are in Dorado Beach [2] in Puerto Rico with my in-laws.  To keep up with the 5 picture theme and little words (shorter and funnier), here are cinco pictures of our current trip.


Josie Girl Blog - Puerto Rico Playground

Kids’ heaven. Playground with multiple airplanes. It is always deserted with very few people, and we are so happy to be there.

Josie Girl Blog - Toosh dress

Mom (Josie Natori) bought Toosh a beautiful Bonpoint dress. Not sure if Toosh loves the bucket or the dress more. Close call. Picture, as featured in Natori’s instagram [3]! I love the neon pink! I wish that I had an adult version of this dress.

Josie Girl Blog - Puerto Rico Water Park

This resort has the most amazing water park. Ken had the privilege of taking Cruzzie down a giant water slide 15 +times. He took Toosh down once (pictured).  She may or may not be a little terrified in this picture.

Josie Gril Blog - Breakfast

Family breakfasts are our go-to on vacation. We get there early so we don’t have to worry about bothering other guests… and so Ken and I can both drink three cups of coffee to get us ready for our day. And yes, the kids both tend to end up in my lap, and I eat three breakfasts (mine, and the kids).

Josie Girl Blog- Me and the Kids

Kids and I on the steps outside breakfast. Pants featured here [4]! I *LOOOOOOOVE* beach clothes and wish I could wear them year round (obviously live in the wrong city to do so).


So there you have it, pictures from our Natori vacation! Back to reality shortly — of responsibilities, school, holidays (Passover and Easter), Paris marathon, and NYC “spring” (aka still freezing temperatures). Thank you to my in-laws for a wonderful, lavish, luxurious, and relaxing stay. We love spending time with you!

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