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Tabio Socks

Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and support in regards to Ken becoming a rock star for the day [1]…..Still feeling buzzed and pumped by the experience. Seriously, I am in love with the guys of OAR….and now I can’t stop listening to Peace [2]. On repeat. Ten million times in the last 3 days. Call me obsessed. Watch out, Babers, you have COMPETITION. Anywho, back to reality. That reality, is socks. Yep, socks.


My mother’s go-to-present for everyone in the family is socks. Handmade knitted socks, skiing socks, everyday socks, fancy socks, socks, socks, socks, socks. As a result, I am fond of socks. I can never have too many and am always on the lookout for the new, best, prettiest, cutest sock (odd, quirky, and so me). So it was a perfect coincidence when I stumbled upon a sock store in Paris [3] in October (was that really 2 months ago??). And not just any sock store — but a hip, high-end, and luxurious store. Tabio, is considered the hot and trendy sock. The sock is actually made in Japan by a crafts person. They come in all shapes and colors: ultra trendy, thigh highs, as well as models in cashmere, angora, lace, super soft wool. To view the various sock options, go here [4].



One of the pairs of socks that I purchased. Of course, it looks avant garde, tie dye, and artsy. It is the perfect thickness and height (not too high, not too low…Goldilocks a la socks).


One of the special services they offer is embroidery! You pay 3 Euro and you can have your socks monogrammed!


Tabio, tradition in motion.

cute monogrammed

Cute embroidery! Love the secret message on the sock.


Or you can have you initials monogrammed — how preppy and awesome is that?

unique personal

unique personal touch to an otherwise somewhat boring and unpersonal present (sorry Mama, I do love your sock presents NOW, but it took some time getting used to them.)

tie dye

Tie dye fun

another shot

another shot

They have stores [5] around the world, so if you’re abroad and in the right place, be sure to visit. Everyone needs socks! Hope you are having a great week…..welcome to the Holiday Rush of Madness….Peace [6].


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