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The coconut cream

As a dry Vata chick who lives in freezing cold (and therefore super dry) New York City, my body is constantly on the look out for moisturizing, hydrating, soothing, delicious lotion (that is 100% natural and free of chemicals). Sounds like a difficult task, right? Earth Tu Face to the rescue!

logoEarth Tu Face was created by two herbalists in California (where else?) and is booming (sold all over, including Net-a-porter!)! Their focus was to create a skincare line that was 100% natural, purely plant-based, and free of toxins and synthetic compounds. They created a “soil-to-skin approach to skincare” with only the best of ingredients *and* beautiful packaging. The total perfect package — inside and outside!

The coconut cream

The coconut cream hydrates and nourishes. And it smells divine (the cardamom makes you feel like you are lathered in baked goods!)


Top: simple, sweet, graphic, and chic.


Rich. So good you can actually eat it. But it probably doesn’t taste good.

Hydrating (and glistening) hand!

Hydrating (and glistening) hand!

Intrigued by the natural ingredients and the packaging, I bought the body butter, and have been well nourished and hydrated since! Love at first try! The body butter is a combination of organic Virgin Coconut Oil and unrefined Cocoa Butter. It not only protects and softens the skin, but hydrates and combats signs of aging (does it work on my smile lines, too?).

Next up!

Next up!

I am excited to try out all the other products: the lotion, shower gel, lip balm, face balm, salt scrub, face serum, and face wash. Heck, I might as buy the Earth Tu Face Voyage Travel Kit (which would make a very good present for a loved one!) Check them out online, in stores, and read their blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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