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Camp Wolf

Denim + Pendelton [1] = DREAM COME TRUE.

Camp Wolf

Born in Portland, Oregon, as of September 2013 (brand stinking new!) Camp Wolf [2]was inspired by a love for Pacific Northwestern life and a passion for making cool clothes for cool kids. Everything is hand sewn and one-of-a-kind — recycled vests with Pendleton fabric — to create a cheery, hip, and stylish look for kids ranging from newborn to 5 years old. Original and unique!

The backs of two jackets.

The backs of two jackets.

All of the denim vests and jackets have been carefully selected from all over the country and are upcycled using authentic, USA-made Pendleton wool. Recycling denim just became ten thousand times COOLER.

Jean Jacket. Ah-mazing.

Jean jacket. Ah-mazing.

I MEAN, can you believe the cuteness?

I MEAN, can you believe the cuteness?

The back. [3]

The back. Bold and bright.

Personal touch. [4]

Personal touch from a small company.  Love.

hooray! [5]


In action. [6]

In action.

action shot

Action shot. Double trouble. Now we just need a vest for little girl Zoe.

Full effect.

Full effect.

The jackets and vests amazing, and so too is the story behind Camp Wolf, which was created by two blogger moms who met through instagram, and decided to team up. Cora and Cristin: congratulations on a beautiful company. My only complaint is that Camp Wolf doesn’t create these jackets and vests for adults. Hopefully in the near future!! To buy, go here [7]. To follow on instagram, go here [8]. Like on facebook, go here [9]. Completely, head over heels in love with the company and look. Have a great rest of the week. And special shout out to my brother for his birthday tomorrow. Love you, Giora [10]!

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