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Baby Zoe Turning One!

Tomorrow, my little itty bitty baby, turns one. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, but I blinked, and now I have a one year old (and a three and a half year old). It seems like only yesterday [1] we welcomed Baby Zoe Esther Natori (aka Tusia or Toosh) into this world. As with most parents and their newborns, it has been a wild ride, from the pregnancy [2]to the sleep deprivation, to the smiles, kisses, and hugs. I have an incredible amount of love for this little peanut, and I am proud to have her as my daughter. Thank you for letting me indulge in posting the following pictures of Toosh, I know it will only interest a handful of you (Nana, Tata, Lola, and Gramps!) so thanks for giving me the satisfaction of remembering the past 12 months.

Welcome to the world, ZEN [3]

Welcome to the world, ZEN. You were the cutest little Eskimo!

First hairbow, of hundreds.

First hairbow, of hundreds. So sleepy and soft.

And the sibling rivalry begins...

And the sibling rivalry begins…always letting your big Kuya brother have his way and attention.

The only time, her legs have been this skinny! (I love meat on bones!) [4]

The only time her legs have been this skinny! (I love meat on bones!). What a little cute love bug!

Loving kisses. [5]

Loving kisses.

Camera shy. [6]

Camera shy. Aw shucks.

Bath in a sink.

Bath in a sink. Wearing an adorable romper.

Getting rounder...

Getting rounder…still in the bath, but this time without clothes on.



And the cheeks come out! [7]

And the cheeks come out!

sparkle eyes

Sparkle eyes.

Facial expressions.

Facial expressions.



LOOK at the chub. Too. Die. For. [8]

LOOK at the chub. Too. Die. For.

Look a la bangs. [9]

Look a la bangs.

First winter. [10]

First winter.

Strong neck.

Strong neck.

Handmade sweater vest from Nana. [11]

Handmade sweater vest from Nana.

Laid back.

Laid back.



Cutie pie. [12]

Cutie pie.

Swing! [13]


Giggles. [14]


Winter swing. [15]

Winter swing.

Camera ready.

Camera ready.

Bikini super model [16]

Bikini super model

How can I possibly love someone this much?

How can I possibly love someone this much? Completely head over heels in love.



Hey dude.

Hey dude.

Baby Toosh, I love you up to the sky, down again, around the world, and back again. Thank you for coming into this world, blessing us with your calm, happy demeanor. You bring us joy, laughter, love, and warmth. We love you.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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