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How About We…For Couples

If you are like me, you love going on dates with your significant other *BUT* you get stuck in a routine of the same dates… the same restaurants, venues, rituals.  Fun, but not always pushing the envelope.

Now, there is a company, How About We for Couples [1]that helps gives activities, ideas, and DEALS on various dates!


HowAboutWe for Couples [2] is all about helping couples stay happy, connected, and in love.  Members receive a date book with one-of-a-kind dates. After selecting a date, the service takes care of everything else.


An example of the date selections you can choose from.


other dates.

How fun and original? I love the ideas presented — some are over the top, others are simple and easy.

signme up

Breakfast in bed date — with a breakfast cooked by a private chef in your home???? Sign me up!

You select the date, and then they do EVERYTHING! How amazing is that! A personal assistant for your dates!



Check out How about we…for couples [1], and change your dating life! What dates are you dying to go on?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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