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Toddler Toys

I am the parent of a toy-obsessed son. Although an avid reader (for a 3 year old), he loves playing with things more than anything (like, say, eating food or going on a walk). Currently, these are his (and my) 5 top rated toddler toys!

(1) Indoor teepee/tent [1]

Indoor tents seem to be all the rage for toddlers during the Winter months. It is a playground inside a home. Not that there is a slide or anything in the teepee, but it is a place to run and hide in, and an escape from the rest of the world. And the parents.


I think I am more in love with this teepee than Cruzzie is. It is beautiful, artistic, handmade (sold on etsy by a company called House in Habit), neutral, and oh-so-fun to hide in!

(2) Magna Tiles [2]

Building blocks, creating puzzles, being creative… the sky is the limit with these magnetic tiles. Fun for kids and adults, too!


You can create anything you want with these tiles!

(3) Race Track Set [3]

This race track set is easy enough for the kids to put together (unlike some track sets that are currently on the market). The kids can build them and create their own highway system. And then they can watch the cars go in circles, up and down the roads, and zoom everywhere.



(4) Marble Set [4]

This marble set is a mixture between a race car set and blocks. With these wooden blocks, you create a building that allows the marbles to roll down from top to bottom. Although a little tricky for the kids to put together themselves, they have a blast watching the marbles roll.


Watching marbles is hypnotic

(5) Car Transporter [5]

Yes, this toy is super ugly. Yes, this toy is made out of unfriendly plastic. Yes, it is the equivalent of a Barbie for a boy. BUT OH HOW IT AMAZES CRUZZIE! He can spend hours playing with this transporter by loading and unloading all of his Hot Wheel toys in it, and counting how many it can hold. I love this toy. No matter how much I thought I would hate it.


Car transporter to the MAX.

What are your favorite toddler toys? Thanks for sharing!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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