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Winter Jammies

Winter Jammies! Time to get some good looking pajamas for those family holiday nights. Goodbye t-shirt and undies, hello beautiful. Here are my top three ensembles for winter nights.

Natori Essence PJ [1]

I am the first one to admit that I prefer undies and tees to pajamas (ironic, don’t you think?). But as I get older, I am more attracted to the retro and sophisticated, old-school pajama look. Classic, chic, feminine, and practical.  I love the Essence PJ, and the fabric is a perfect combination of sateen and cotton, making it silky but breathable.

essence PJ

The Essence PJ comes in four different colors: black, blue, rose, and blush.

real life

Real life model. How cute would it be if all the ladies and guys wore these on Christmas morning? I love the idea.


I love the white piping contrast with the shiny and soft black cotton.

Josie Gio PJ [2]

The lightweight textured cotton is perfect for spring and summer, but still do-able for winter time too. Just add a warm sweater or robe, and voila, lounge time! I love the crisp and modern pattern (dots AND stripes!), the flattering shape that shows off your collarbones, and the overall shape. Oh, and they are on sale for $50! Buy now!


The Josie Gio PJs also come in a short look, which is perfect for the warm days. But alas, winter is here, so the pants make this look work.

Perfect to wear after a big meal or when pregnant. Basically, same size stomach.

spots and stripes

Spots ans stripes

Josie Che PJ [3]

5 years ago when I got married, I gifted all my bridesmaids a pair of Josie eyelet pajamas. I never got a pair for myself, although I always wanted to. NOW, there is a version that is similar to the pair that I gave my ladies. And let me tell you, every time I have a sleepover with one of my bridesmaids, they roll with their Josie eyelet PJs. No joke. So, I am very happy to say that I am now the proud owner of my own Josie eyelet pajamas.

Black eyelet

Black or white? Both!


I love the crispness of white cotton.



What do you look for in pajamas? What qualities do you look for in your lounge wear?

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