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Fjallraven Backpacks

I love backpacks. Good ‘ol fashion bags that you throw over your shoulders. They admittedly aren’t the most stylish accessories in the world (especially in New York), but I have found a style that I love:  the Fjallraven [1] backpack. I might be in leggings and flats (versus cargo pants and hiking boots) with a backpack on, but I don’t really look that dorky. I just look European, which in my book is super cool and hip.

simple and clean

Simple and clean.

You always know that something is truly cool (and on its way to being totally mainstream) when it is sold at J. Crew [2] — it is like the entry way into mainstream America. And what do you know? Fjallraven backpacks are now sold at J. Crew [3] — so this is not top secret. It USED to be a secret, and now, it is in between a hidden gem and an overseen trend.

red hot.

Regardless if it is a trend or not, these backpacks are great. It is like the Birkin [4] of backpacks. Rustic, simple, basic, and classic characteristics make these bags perfect for kids, tourists, adults, and professionals. Fjallraven (“arctic fox” in Swedish) debuted 50 years ago in Sweden (isn’t everything about Scandinavian design absolutely perfect?), and their bags can be used from toddler-hood to adulthood.


Color options available. You name the color, they have it!

variety of packs

The backpack has many different styles...my favorite is the Kanken Classic.


How cool is this photo? LOVE.

Fjällräven [5]‘s backpacks do not follow fleeting trends, but rather stand for durability year in and year out. They are known to last a lifetime and withhold in any type of temperature, climate, or wear and tear. I hope that mine lasts for 50 more years!


Hello hot stuff. Rocking it out with a backpack and a hoodie. All I need are my birkenstocks and people will know that I am not a native New Yorker. If it wasn't too obvious to begin with.


And check out those handles! So useful (and I am not being sarcastic).

I am in love with my backpack and use it for lugging my math books around town, as well as for baby-gear. It is the perfect diaper bag. I kind of want a second one in a different color….suggestions on a second color? Happy toting!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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