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Josie Fall 2012 Favorites

I will be the first to admit that I am not that cute when I come home from work and put on my lounge wear for the evening. This is what I look like:

not cute

Pretend you didn't see this picture!! This is the real truth on what I look like at night time! And yes, I look tired because I *AM* tired.

I know, I know, I know. I LOOK RIDICULOUS! THE POLAR OPPOSITE FROM CUTE! Everything about my look is just a huge faux pas, but I can’t help myself! I am just too tired and too worn out to put any thought into my lounge wear choices!

So Josie [1] lounge wear to the rescue!

Josie Indo Stripe [2] is not only bright, colorful, striped, and (obviously) awesome, but it is also comfortable and flattering. It is like wearing a cashmere pant suit, only it is rayon spandex jersey. Only $88 too (bet you can’t find a cashmere lounge suit for that price!)


Striped and ready to rock and roll!

indo pants

The pants look great with any top -- not just the striped shirt. And you will not be embarrassed if someone shows up unannounced. (I would want to die if someone came over and I was wearing my ever-so-hot-and-flattering floral leggings).

Of course, it looks great together too.

striped ensemble

Ready for TV! and bed!

I am also in love with the Josie Princess Cocachin PJ [3]. Fit for any princess (jewish, royal, or wanna be). It is a feminine twist on a menswear inspired print. The sleek lightweight satin has a real silky and luxurious feel to it. For $110, it is a great gift.


Fun print!

The bottoms look great with any top. Even my frumpy grey sweatshirt.

Obviously, I like to add color, texture, and style to every look!

Of course, it looks nice and sophisticated as a set too!

full suit

Looks better on the model, though.

Both of these ensembles are perfect for cold, fall nights! Get ready for winter and splurge on some comfy clothes!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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