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Josie Bras

Obviously, I am a Josie Girl that loves Josie products. And their bras and undies are some of my favorite around. Seriously. I am a lady with small boobs (and proud of them!) and I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Josie bras. PERFECT fit. Absolutely, perfect.

Currently, these are my top three faves:

Josie Mya Contour Bra [1]

The perfect bra under t-shirts and form-fitting tops. The cups hug the boobs perfectly and gives them a nice, round shape (just like we want them). The bra also has a pop of animal jacquard texture and print on the straps, making it more special than just any other t-shirt bra!

Mya bra

Might look boring, but it is supportive, comfortable, and feels like it was made especially for you (which obvi, it was). The ideal everyday bra.

This is the type of bra that you will wear for a month straight and forget to take off. It’s that comfortable.

Josie Femme Girl Interrupted Push Up Bra [2]

A little more oomph and sex-appeal with some print, color, support, and pizzazz. The straps are bright, and the front more plunging, making it perfect for a low top or a tank where you don’t mind showing some POC (Thank you, Brad Goreski [3], Pop of Color). Perfect for a night where you think someone will see your bra (also available in solid colors [4]).

Femme Interrupted [2]

This sleek microfiber fabric fits perfectly to the body, and the extra push up pad creates volume...which I am in need of! And you can't beat the price: $40!

Josie Etoile 3/4 Contour Bra [5]

Featured in In Style magazine, a definite hot and sexy number. Part bustier, part bra, TOTALLY hot. And comfortable too. What’s better than feeling good about yourself,  and having the proper support and comfort.

Etoile 3/4

Five different bright and bold colors! How fun! I would love to have the confidence and body to just wear this around the house!

I swear that you can’t go wrong with any Josie bras — they are all great and special. If you need more recommendations, send me an email! And if you ever need to be fitted, all the department stores that sell Josie (Nordstroms [6], Bloomingdales [7], Saks [8], and Dillards [9]) have great floor people that can measure you and help set you up with the perfect Josie bra! Holla!

Until Friday, have a good rest of the week.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl
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