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New Year’s Resolutions


Happy 2012!!

As I have mentioned before, I love lists. I make lists for everything.  Well, almost everything.  One type of list I hate is a list of goals.  Unfortunately, that makes the whole New Year’s Resolution thing not so fun for me…. until tonight!



Because 2012 is almost here, I thought that 12 resolutions or goals would be the perfect number — not too many that it is hard to come up with, and not too few that any single resolution is too important. So here they are, my twelve 2012 New Year’s Resolutions in no particular order, with links that may or may not be helpful.

1. Better posture [1].
2. Learn how to breathe [2] in. And breathe out.
3. More variety [3] in my workouts.
4. See the glass as half full [4].
5. Incorporate more massages [5] into my life.
6. Buy quality [6] versus quantity.
7. Truly appreciate the gift of life [7] (lives) I have been given.
8. Drink more water [8].
9. Attend more cultural events [9].
10. Successfully potty train [10] Cruzzie.
11. Run the NYC marathon [11].
12. Try out to be a ball girl for the US Open [12].

Hope everyone has a safe and terrific New Year’s Eve celebration!

New Yahk City

New York City on NYE

Happy New Year!

— AYN, aka The Josie Girl.