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Uniqlo J+ Down Coats

NYC is cold. So warm coats are key. Down coats, in particular.

Every winter, I am on the lookout for a toasty, hip, and affordable coat. This year, I headed to the Uniqlo J+ coat section. Jil Sander has been doing a collaboration collection with Uniqlo for the past two years, and this Fall/Winter season is her last joint effort with them. (Read about their parting ways here [1]).  I love Jil Sander — her modern and sharp lines, clean aesthetic and general relaxed vibe all resonate with me. So her collaboration with Uniqlo is a win-win situation. Jil Sander fashion at Uniqlo prices!

For under 400 dollars, I bought 2 J+ coats — both warm, cozy, stylish (as stylish as a sleeping bag coat can be) and unique. Why two? (why not?) One is short, and one is long. And for those of you who deal with cold winters– there is a difference — you wear the short coat on cold days, and the long coat on unbearable, frigid, oh-holy-sh*t-its-cold days.

The first one. Drum roll.

Short uniqloj+

The short jacket. Comes in a multitude of colors -- black, nacy, forest green, brown, and burgundy.

$169.90 is a steal for a coat you wear every other day in the wintertime!

side view

The side view. As you can see, the back has some details -- including a nice little seam that gives you a badankadank.

Front view. Navy color.

And the second one….


Longer. Warmer. More like a sleeping bag.


(Don't mock the sullen face. I am not used to taking pictures of myself modeling anything) In my opinion, this coat is less cute, but mid-January, I don't really care about being cute. I care about not freezing my tush off.

So if you live in a freezing place, such as I do, RUN to Uniqlo and buy these coats while they last. I am sure you will not regret it for a minute! (Unfortunately, you cannot buy Uniqlo online — only in stores, but you can check out the various styles on their website [2] for inspiration).

Until Friday, have a great rest of the week!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl