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My Holiday Wish List

As much as I love giving presents, I also love getting them. Is that wrong? However, I absolutely hate telling people what to get me — so I hope my husband does not read this.  But as much as I want certain things, I also want the person to think something is the perfect item for me. Once again, is that wrong???

Here is my wish list. I see it not as presents that I want from “Santa” but items that I hope to purchase sometime — this season, 2012, within this decade. These are my top wants — meaning, of course, I want a Starbucks gift card, books of all genres, fun DVDs, a framed picture, some Natori underwear (best present EVER!)… these are just the higher priced items that most people will NOT get me, thus my WISH list.


Dannijo [1]

I love this hard-soft look. The girlie gold and then the rough spikes! This Dannijo bracelet is dreamy!

Jennifer Meyer [2]

The skinny bracelet is a great touch to my arm-party of gold bracelets, but the little added torquoise color is a nice pop. Jennifer Meyer is always so classic and perfect.


Natori swim [3]

HOT HOT one-piece! So flattering on all body types! And the price can't be beat! I am so excited for stores to get this Natori product in!


Cartier Ballon Bleu [4]

Obviously, not getting it for christmakuh, but maybe my 5th year wedding anniversary (June 2012!)?? But how classic and glamorous is this Cartier Ballon Bleu watch? LE SIGH! I will keep on DREAMING!

Hermes Medor [5]

A little more punk, edgy and fun! This Hermes Medor watch is more like a functional bracelet -- which is why I love it! Looks like a bracelet but serves a purpose! Multifunctional items are the best.


YSL Lip [6]

My littlest sister always wears daring, fabulous, and striking lipstick. I SO want her lips, and since I can't have those, I just want her lipstick. YSL lipstick is soft and luscious, with frivolous and exciting colors!


Vie Luxe [7]

Maybe because we used these candles throughout the church when we got married, but whenever I smell the Vie Luxe Cote D'Azur candles, I want to faint. The smell is so beautiful -- fresh, memorable, and pure. I always love having scented candles lit in our apartment. It makes it more homey and peaceful.


Dannijo necklace [8]

This Dannijo "Eloise" necklace adds some flair to any outfit. I can imagine wearing it with jeans and a tee (aka my daily outfit) or with a party dress. LOVE it.

Aesa necklace [9]

Part hippy, part warrior, part awesomeness. This Asea necklace looks ah-mazing.

Pamela Love [10]

Love this Pamela Love necklace.


Nike [11]

Practical but cute! And Nike allows you to customize your shoe -- monogrammed, colors, shoelace color, the works!

Chloe Sneeks [12]
I am sure my husband will HATE these shoes, but the Chloe sneakers [12]are straight up my alley. Different, comfy, and hip.



Natori Fam [13]

BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, the most important gift of all. I actually do not need anything but for my family to be happy, healthy, and in love with one another. There is nothing I want more than my beautiful happy family to remain healthy and intact. They are truly my world. Without them, nothing matters.

Until Friday, Happy 1st of December!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl