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Natori necklaces!

Some people don’t know, but Natori now makes to-die-for necklaces. And they are absolutely amazing. The necklace that I am most dreaming about is the Josie Natori Layered Burned Horn Necklace [1]. It is bulky, big, out of this world, earthy, autumny, and hip.

Natori necklace [1]

Awesomely Huge.

I can imagine wearing it with a solid shirt/sweater/tank and jeans and making the perfect and just-right outfit!

On model. [1]


Natori wooden necklace [1]

The awesome large-and-in-charge necklace around my neck.

Here are more Natori necklaces to look at!

Natori necklaces [2]

In Natori fashion, all these necklaces are fabulous, large, statement pieces. Not for the shy!

Happy Wednesday! More on Friday!

AYN, a.k.a., The Josie Girl